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European Acupuncture

European Style

Traditionally associated with China, Japan, and Korea, acupuncture is incorporated into medical practice in Europe. Acupuncture was introduced in Europe by missionaries who brought it from the Far East. The first known European acupuncture publication was dated 1671 and was published in Holland. Modern medicine as we know it today did not exist yet, and there were 300 years of parallel development, interaction, and scientific scrutiny.

There are similarities and differences in the contexts of European and Chinese acupuncture. European acupuncture tends to be a shallower needle penetration resulting in a gentler treatment. The similarity is that there is close communication and contribution between acupuncturists practicing in Europe and China. European professional practice is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese practitioners have promptly accommodated and incorporated new European techniques such as auriculotherapy ("ear acupuncture").

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